Peter has been crafting stories, song lyrics, and English prose for many years. He has written two memoirs. One, The Stone from Halfway Rock–recently published by Polar Bear Press–relates his childhood adventures on the coast of Maine, and another, The Inner Circle, concerns the years he spent pursuing a spiritual path of yoga and meditation within the American Sikh community.

Author Chellis Glendinning praised The Stone from Halfway Rock: “Luminous…lyrical..Peter Alexander’s stories of childhood summers in Maine are a wondrous reminder of what’s important in life. He has me laughing, weeping, visualizing seals and summer storms, remembering the smell of sea air, and promising myself to love the simple things.”

Here are some recent comments:

A.B. We are loving this book! My wife and I have been reading it to each other each evening. Totally delightful.

A.W. We have been reading aloud to the whole family every night. It is so wonderfully descriptive. My boys love it—the whole family loves it!

M.P. What a great book! You write beautifully, and have captured the essence of summers in Maine. Now my son wants to build a hydroplane like yours!

You can order a copy here, or ask your local bookstore to carry it.

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Peter’s writing has been published in Down East Magazine, and an excerpt from The Stone from Halfway Rock was published in the March 2016 issue Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors.

Peter’s photo essay about Northern New Mexico, Gifts from the Land and the Light–published in 1995–was praised by Stewart Udall, former Secretary of the Interior: “Gifts is just superb! You have said in photos and a few words what Willa Cather and D. H. Lawrence tried to say about the Southwest environment.”

From September 2014 until July 2016 Peter also wrote the weekly music column for Maine’s Coastal Journal newspaper (www.coastaljournal.com). He is currently taking a break in order to focus on the production of “One Way Trip to Mars,” the rock opera he and his wife, Johannah, have written together.