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Peter is an award-winning songwriter, a virtuouso on acoustic, electric and 12-string guitars and plays in a variety of styles from classical to country blues to rock. He is a consumate entertainer with an amazing tenor voice that is both emotive and versatile, equally at home on English Madrigals, American Roots, or Rock ‘n Roll. Peter has shared the stage with many of the greatest names in folk, rock and classical music.

Peter served for four years as president of the Maine Songwriters Association and is well known in midcoast Maine, both as a muscian and as the music columnist for the Coastal Journal. Peter’s song “Vicksburg,” which is featured on Hollowbody Electric Band’s “Prickly Stickers” CD, was the winner of the 2014 Maine Songwriting Contest.

Although Peter Alexander continues to perform as a soloist, most of his time and energy these days is going to his “Hollowbody Electric Band.” Hollowbody Electric Band features original songs written by both Peter and Johannah Harkness, who bring very different, but complementary influences to their work. Peter’s musical tastes ranges from Lead Belly to Jimi Hendrix, and from John Lennon to the Rolling Stones, with influences from The Who, Tom Petty, The Beatles, and many others from the classic period of folk and rock music. Johannah is heavily influenced by Kate Bush, Annie Lennox, Grace Slick, and other iconic women of rock and roll.

This is one band that is not afraid to take on social and political causes. Alexander has gained prominence as the author and performer of “Begging for Change—The Healthcare Blues,” which Amy Goodman has featured numerous times on her nationally-syndicated Democracy Now television and radio program. His We’ve Got to Change This World has been adopted by many in the Occupy Wall Street movement as an anthem celebrating the “Ninety-nine Percent.”

Hollowbody Electric’s upcoming CD, currently being recorded at Frog Hollow Studios in Brunswick, will feature several other songs with strong social justice messages. “We’re living in challenging times,” says Alexander, “And we can’t turn our backs on all the troubles this world is facing. We would like our music to be a part of the soundtrack for a better world.”