Today’s White House Lies 021818

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Dec 012013

Of all the infuriating lies the Orange Slime has come out with (at the rate of about 6 per day), two told in the aftermath of the Florida High School massacre stand out as particularly obnoxious. First he blames the FBI for spending “too much time” on the Russia investigation, and now he’s blaming the Democrats, saying “They just talk.” This guy is such an unbelievable $%^&**!!!

The Shirt

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Sep 022012

What’s with the shirt?  People are starting to ask a lot of questions.

Off to the Presses!

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Jul 122012

I have finally sent the graphics and master CD off to Crooked Cove, a local duplication service here in Maine that Charlie Gaylord helps run. Charlie is a living legend in Maine, as a long-time rock musician, radio host, and producer. Crooked Cove has been a sponsor of Maine Songwriters Association since 2010. I should have the CD’s back by the end of July.

Thanks to Johannah Harkness for her excellent photography and artistic direction–graphically, musically, and stylistically. And thanks to the many family and friends who supported this effort through the Kickstarter campaign. Especially, thanks to Jud Caswell of Frog Hollow Studio. Any musician who hears the CD will recognize the incredible skill and good taste that Jud has brought to the engineering. I can’t offer enough superlatives in recommending his services.

Jul 042012

About halfway through the recording of Promised Land Jud Caswell warned me that the big bottleneck was going to be the graphics for the CD cover. At the time I thought we had the graphics all wrapped up, but as the music took shape it reshaped our thinking on the graphic concept. Johannah, who has helped and encouraged me every step of the way on this project–and who is also doing all the photography for it, has staged about a dozen photo shoots, mostly building on the theme of aging industrial infrastructure. We have shot several times on train tracks, bridges, at rail yards and junk yards, and the results have been really good. (Johannah is a really goo photographer and has a great sense of style.). We have narrowed the options down to two or three of the best, and are asking for input from our friends and supporters to help choose the final version. If you’d like to have a voice in this process, just go to the Photos page and leave your suggestions.